jueves, 29 de julio de 2021

Look #213

My Kitty Corner ♥

Skin: [Heaux] Mia - Blush

Lipstick: TOP1SALON - HD SONA LIPSTICK (Lelutka X) FATPACK @Blanc. Event

Hair: [Yomi] Milo Hair@Anthem 

Hairband: NINI Planet. bunny dream - bunnyband(pink) @The Epiphany

Choker: NINI Planet. bunny dream - choker(white) @The Epiphany

Outfit: NINI Planet. bunny dream - RARE @The Epiphany

Pose with game: - Sweet Art - Gaming Girl Set FATPACK @Equal10


Cat Pillow: Astralia - Cat Pillow (VIU GIFT) A Giant Cat Pillow, with 7 color options and 10 cute animations for your lazy moments

Bunny plushie: NINI Planet. bunny dream - bunny(peach) @The Epiphany

Bear plushie: NINI Planet. bunny dream - bear(pink) @The Epiphany

Cushion: kiwi / Paw Cushion - Fatpack (unpacked) @Equal10

Fan: ANDORE - blower - Banny #FATPACK LIMITED @Blanc. Event

Kinky sign: .:Short Leash:. Kinky Time Sign @Blanc. Event

Messy clothes: BackBone Seifuku Sailor Decor

Hallway: Lagom - Cramped hallway @TLC

Lagom - Cramped hallway [ Frame ]
Lagom - Cramped hallway [ Hanger ]
Lagom - Cramped hallway [ Mail ]
Lagom - Cramped hallway [ Shoebox ]

Cereal bowl and box: SAVAGE X CEREAL SLUT / fatpack @Equal10

Other decor: 

Lagom  - Gamergirl Clutter 


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