sábado, 14 de mayo de 2022

Look #286

Coco Girl ♥

Skin: more more. lana skin_milk tone 

Blush: serotonin. ferris blusher @Ota.con

Lipstick: TOP1SALON - HD DUO MATTE LIPSTICK (Lelutka X/Evo) FATPACK @Equal10

Eyes: Gloom. - Focus Collection - Sclera 01 - L.Blue  @Ota.con

Hair:  Doux -  Rehab hairstyle

Headdress: [c.A.] Tullia *FAT* [Headdress] @Ota.con

Choker: serotonin. ferris collar @Ota.con

Outfit: NINI Planet. coco set @Anthem

Phone and refresher: Lyrium. Daisy Refresher with Phone @Equal10

Pose: - Sweet Art - Sarah Static Poses @Equal10


Daybed: CHEZ MOI Heart Rattan Daybed @Equal10

Topiarys: HEXtraordinary - Topiary Collection @The Secret Garden

*HEXtraordinary* Pony Topiary RARE
*HEXtraordinary* Bunny Topiary RARE
*HEXtraordinary* Heart Topiary


viernes, 6 de mayo de 2022

Look #285

Pink Mangaka ♥

Skin: more more. lana skin_milk tone 

Eyes: {S0NG} Aura Eyes @Ota.con

Hair: [Ginko Hair] #65 Hair @Ota.con

Outfit: NINI Planet. miu set @The Epiphany

Manga in hand: .Evil Baby. - Manga Set + Posters - Pack 2 - Fatpack @Ota.con


Art Desk : [DD] Mangaka Desk Set @Ota.con

Easel with canvas: Lagom - Lil bun easels (Old Seraphim Hunt)

Cats: kotte - cat catsplay

Poster and signs: .random.Matter. - Noticed By Senpai

Chibis: {Sakura} Chibi Dolls


miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2022

Look #284

Strawberry Tea ♥

Skin: more more. lana skin_milk tone 

Eyes: Oiche x Cheap Makeup // Wyld Eyes Set @Blanc. Event

Lipstick: [TEAR] Angel Gloss (Lel Evo/EvoX) @Ota.con


Outfit: [DD] Emi Outfit Fatpack @Ota.con

Socks with Shoes: [DD] Kanna Socks and Shoes @Ota.con


House: .WARETA. Du Lait Building @Ota.con

Table and chairs: Lagom - Tea in the garden @TLC

Lamp: .[Honey Lemon]. Garden String Lights (Gold) @Blanc. Event

String: 21. Lagom - Strawberry craze [ Stringlight Pink ] 


sábado, 26 de marzo de 2022

Look #283

Normal day of a Magical Girl ♥

Skin: more more. lana skin_milk tone 

Eyeshadows and lipstick: Tutti Belli - 'Teen Idle' (Lelutka EvoX)

Hair: KUNI - Ivy @Kustom9

Outfit: Palette - Cai Overalls Set [Megapack] @Equal10

Sandwich and milk: - Sweet Art -  Kawaii Breakfast Set @Equal10

Body hearts: MIWAS / Heart chocolate on me #Strawberry

Aura: [Cinnamon Cocaine] Daisy Aura @Dubai Event


Desktop: Lagom - Love-Tech Fatpack

Lagom - Love-Tech  [ Chair ]
Lagom - Love-Tech  [ Computer ]
Lagom - Love-Tech  [ Globe ]
Lagom - Love-Tech [ Desk ]

Companion: SEmotion Libellune Poke Mate Companion @Equal10

Cactus: Lagom  - Happy little cacti

Photo bars: Candy Crunchers - Photo Bars - Pink @Dubai Event


jueves, 24 de marzo de 2022

Look #282

Pink Doors ♥

Skin: more more. lana skin_milk tone 

Lipstick: TOP1SALON - HD SPRING LIPSTICK (Lelutka Evo) FATPACK @Equal10

Hair: Magika - Isabelle

Outfit: MIWAS / Carin Outfit #FATPACK  @Equal10

Pose: - Sweet Art - Siri Static Poses @Equal10

Aura Hearts and hand heart: = DAE = sweet heart bubble all pack @Equal10


Backdrop: [VOZ] Stairs to The Sky (White) @Equal10


lunes, 14 de marzo de 2022

Look #281

Green Days ♥

Skin: more more. lana skin_milk tone 

Blush: Hexed - Valentine blush @Dubai Event

Hair: Foxy - Cookie Hair

Dress: VAKI KVAKI Dress ~Judy~  @Dubai Event

Umbrella: - Sweet Art - Kitty Umbrella Set


Trees: tarte. white oak trees

Clouds: Lagom - Love clouds


miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2022

Look #280

Don´t break my heart ♥

Skin: MUDSKIN - LISA # SKIN - AJI - FACE3 @Hongdae

Eyes: MUDSKIN - LISA LENS # 1 @Anthem 

Lipstick: MUDSKIN - LISA # HD GLOSS - FATPACK @Hongdae

Hair: KUNI - Erin 

Septum: Ladybird. // Adrian Septum @Equal10

Earrings: cheezu. broken heart earring (Cupid Inc past mystery item) 

Mouthie: Lyrium. Love & Peach Hairtie @Equal10

Outfit: {HIME*DREAM} Natalie Outfit - FATPACK @Equal10

Pose: Lyrium. Miah Breathing & Static Animation Set @Equal10


Hearts: Lagom - Wall heartmist


jueves, 3 de marzo de 2022

Look #279

Cereal Milk ♥

Skin: more more. lana skin_milk tone

Face cow tattoo: moonwaii . cow spots face @Blanc. Event

Body cow tattoo: moonwaii . cow spots body @Blanc. Event

Hair: Stealthic - Darling (Complete Package)

Necklace: Insomnia Angel . Layla necklace @Dubai Event 

Ears and tail: [Salem] Annabelle Cow Set // White

Choker: Vincue Choker  / Namie Set ~ Things / @Hentai Fair

Pasties and Thong : Vincue / Namie Set ~ Things / @Hentai Fair

Skirt: MIWAS / Bella Skirt #FATPACK 

Cereal and spon: Junk Food - Heart Puffs Cereal (Pink) @Blanc. Event


Vanity: Lagom - Hair-do Fatpack @TLC

Lagom - Hair-do [ Brush ]
Lagom - Hair-do [ Comb ]
Lagom - Hair-do [ Foam rollers ]
Lagom - Hair-do [ Hair dryer ]
Lagom - Hair-do [ Hair Gels ]
Lagom - Hair-do [ Hairspray ]
Lagom - Hair-do [ Hot Spray ]
Lagom - Hair-do [ Perfume ]
Lagom - Hair-do [ Seat Adult ]
Lagom - Hair-do [ Seat PG ]
Lagom - Hair-do [ Vanity ]

Cereal box and Milk: Cereal and spon: Junk Food - Heart Puffs Cereal @Blanc. Event

Makeup Cart: dust bunny . makeup cart . boxed


lunes, 28 de febrero de 2022

Look #278

 Lovely Stairs ♥

Skin: MUDSKIN - JISOO # SKIN - AJI - FACE 3 @Harajuku

Hair: Foxy - Crush Hair  @Kustom9

Choker: [SOM] Daily Buckle Choker @Blanc. Event

Jacket: MILOTA: Amadea jacket [fat pack] @Uber

Bra: MILOTA: Amadea bra [fat pack] @Uber

Pantyhose: MILOTA: Amadea pantyhose [fat pack] @Uber

Waffle: KREAMY. waffles with whipped cream : strawberry @Blanc. Event

Pose: Lyrium. Emiko Breathing & Static Animation Set @Equal10


Backdrop: MINIMAL - Staircase Backdrop @Kustom9

Floating hearts: Lagom - Cupids heart @Cupid Inc

Flowers: +Half-Deer+ Flower Confetti [Pink Set] 

Doves: 6 {anc} NO LIMITS.flying doves [ham-pink]

Look #277

Book Corner ♥

Skin: MUDSKIN - ROSIE # SKIN - AJI - FACE 3 @Kustom9

Hair: Foxy - Ava Hair @Collabor88

Nails: Beaumore 'Hearted' Mesh Nails @The Epiphany

Outfit: :uzu: leah coat - fatpack @The Epiphany

Bag with dog: SEmotion Libellune Yorkie Bag Holdable SPECIAL @Equal10

Pose: - Sweet Art - Rosie Static Poses @Equal10


Backdrop: MINIMAL - Lecturas Backdrop -Stairs- @Equal10

Vases: Lagom - The Clay vase collection


lunes, 21 de febrero de 2022

Look #276

Garden Dinner ♥

Skin: [Heaux] Tish - Blush Tone @Cupid Inc

Eyes: Gloom. - Special Collection - Light Version - L.Blue @The Epiphany 

Lipstick: Ladybird. // Robin Lipgloss @Equal10

Hair: RAMA.SALON - Brenda Hair 'EXCLUSIVE Pack' @Equal10

Mouth plushie: ::CHERRYISH: Sally Cherry Roll (Bear) @The Epiphany

Dress: Vincue / Lovie Dress - FatPack @Cupid Inc

Panties: Vincue / Lovie Undies - FatPack @Cupid Inc

Armtie: Vincue / Lovie ArmTie - FatPack @Cupid Inc

Loveletter with pose: - Sweet Art - Be My Valentine Set @Cupid Inc


Dinner set: CHEZ MOI Eataly Dining Set @Cupid Inc

Stand: Raindale - Loveblaze fullset @Cupid Inc

Ducks: YOKAI - Ducklings Love SET @Cupid Inc

Dogs: [Rezz Room] Box Jack Russell Animesh (Companion) @Equal10

Pancakes: [BB] Strawberry Glazed/Cream Pancakes + PaperHearts Set <3 @The Epiphany

Cake: DISORDERLY. / Sweet Valentine / Heart Cake / Stand @Cupid Inc

Sweets: DISORDERLY. / Sparkly Hearts / Pink @The Epiphany


martes, 15 de febrero de 2022

Look #275

Date Night ♥

Skin: [Heaux] Tish - Blush Tone @Cupid Inc

Eyes: {S0NG} :: Juljana Eyes - Ocean @The Epiphany 

Face tattoo: rotten {love letters} @The Epiphany 

Hair: KUNI - Regina @Access

Outfit: NINI Planet. Gossip girl @Cupid Inc

Boots:  Skellybones -- Nude Skull Boots  @The Epiphany 

Drink: -ATTIC- Bobalove @Cupid´s Fault by Access 


Bench: Serenity Style - Romance Garden Bench @Cupid Inc

Pillows: KraftWork Heart Decor Clutter . Straight Up Pillow @Cupid Inc

Board Game:  KraftWork Heart Decor Clutter . Valentine's Board Game (decor)  @Cupid Inc

Heart traeat board: DISORDERLY. / Sweet Valentine / Treat Board / (Mystery Box) @Cupid Inc

Board table: MAKOKOI . Valentine Cookie Boards @The Epiphany

Love sign and balloons: Raindale -  Cupid Inc.22 mystery item (Mystery Box) @Cupid Inc

Raindale - Cupid Inc. balloon (red)
Raindale - LOVE sign (big)

sábado, 12 de febrero de 2022

Look #274

Mine or nobody´s ♥

Skin: [Heaux] Danna -  Blush Tone @Equal10

Eyes: LOTUS. Flourish Eyes Fatpack @Equal10

Lipstick: TOP1SALON - HD YOUR LIPSTICK (Lelutka X) @Equal10

Eyepatch: Insomnia Angel . heart EYEpatch @My Bloody Valentine 

Hair: *barberyumyum*P15(03)

Tattoo and arrow: *Rainbow Sundae x Hexe* Jack & Marcy Set @My Bloody Valentine  

Dress: Apple Blossom // Birdy Fatpack @My Bloody Valentine  

Candle: .random.Matter. - Light in the Dark - [Ivory]

Garter: MICHAN - Trinity Garter Fatpack 


Altar: NOMAD // ALTAR TABLE @My Bloody Valentine  

Little alter: BALACLAVA!! Altar of Love @My Bloody Valentine  

Decor: Simply Shelby Bloody Valentine Date Night Set @My Bloody Valentine  


jueves, 10 de febrero de 2022

Look #273

 Pizza Lover ♥

Skin: [Heaux] Caro - Blush Tone @Blanc. Event

Eyeshadows: Tutti Belli - 'Heartbeat' (Lelutka EvoX) Fatpack

Lipstick: Tutti Belli - 'Selfish' (Lelutka EvoX) Fatpack

Hair: TRUTH Trinket - Essential

Necklace: kotte - infinity necklace  (Mystery Box) @Cupid Inc

Tee: VINYL - VDay for One Tee Pak Fatpak @Cupid Inc

Stocking: [Yumi] Inna Stockings Fatpack @Blanc. Event

Shoes: Psycho Pills - Beloved Boots @Cupid Inc

Pose: [B.G] Float Poses @Blanc. Event


Bed: SAYO - Motel Seven Rotating Bed - ADULT @Cupid Inc

Street Food: .random.Matter. - Take Away SET 

Cakes: Junk Food - Hate Cake (Swipe Left)(Nobody Loves You Vanilla)(Suck It Vanilla) @Cupid Inc

Pillows and basket: BROKEN ARROWS - Love - Gift Basket - FATPACK @Cupid Inc

BROKEN ARROWS - Gift Basket (Red)
BROKEN ARROWS - Pillow Heart (Red)
BROKEN ARROWS - Pillow Heart Love (Red)

Decor balloons and confetti: tarte. heart balloons & confetti - FULL SET

miércoles, 2 de febrero de 2022

Look #272

Heart Broken ♥

Skin: [Heaux] Mimi -  Blush Tone @Blanc. Event

Hair: KUNI - Ara

Rings: [SOM] Liz ring set_Fatpack @Blanc. Event

Nails: [SOM] Glassy Nail_Fatpack @Planet29

Jacket: " BADA " Ruby Jacket @Planet29

Top: KITZ'UNE - Wei Top @Blanc. Event

Short: Midoa - Marin Black Shor @Planet29

Shoes: Vincue / Airie Tennis ~ Things 

Leg harness: {minuit} Minori Harness [FATPACK] @Planet29

Pose and tissue box: Lyrium. Cry me a River Pose Set - Unicorn Tissue Box @Equal10


Dog: SEmotion Libellune Pom Pom Companion ULTRARARE 03 @Equal10

Puddings: [Mamere] Cat Chocolate pudding @Planet29

Skybox: Lagom - Nora Skybox 

Panels: Lagom - Nora backdrop

Tent: Lagom - Cozy Corners [ Pg ]

Valentine decor: Lagom - Scorned valentine @Cupid´s Fault by Access 

Lagom - Scorned valentine [ Chocolates ]
Lagom - Scorned valentine [ Cookies ]
Lagom - Scorned valentine [ Dartboard ]
Lagom - Scorned valentine [ I love ME ]
Lagom - Scorned valentine [ Mug ]
Lagom - Scorned valentine [ Trashed love letters ]