sábado, 31 de julio de 2021

Look #215

Flowers Day ♥

Skin: [Heaux] Mia - Icy

Lipstick: .WARETA. Selene Lipgloss @Blanc. Event

Hair: DALGONA - Blooming GACHA - D RARE @Equal10

Necklace: [V.C.LAB] Free Somebody GACHA. necklace 01 @Equal10

Hat: parfait. Penelope Sun Hat .fatpack.

Dress: parfait. Penelope Summer Dress .fatpack. 

Teacup in hand: Makokoi . Evaline's Tea Time . Teacup . Sky @The Epiphany


Backdrop: TROPIX // tropical house 02 @TresChic

Wreath: tarte. summer wreath - FULL SET(I use daisies) @n21

Laptop and accesories: Lagom - My messy desk clutter @Blanc. Event

Lagom - My messy desk clutter [ Calculator ]
Lagom - My messy desk clutter [ Chips ]
Lagom - My messy desk clutter [ Clay mess ]
Lagom - My messy desk clutter [ Laptop ]
Lagom - My messy desk clutter [ Phone ]
Lagom - My messy desk clutter [ Polaroids ]

Table, chair and accesories: OW Fancy Lilac @The Epiphany

1c. Flower heart - pink
2b. Coffee set - pink
3b. Flower vase - pink
4. Kitchen shelf
5. Round table
6b. Viennese chair - white
7. Coffee set (rare)
10. Candles set
11c. Book with flowers - pink
12. Kitchen hanger
13. Crate of books
14c. Cupcake - pink
15b. Open book with flowers - pink
16b. Lilac basket - pink (add)


viernes, 30 de julio de 2021

Look #214

Beach with my friends ♥

Skin: [Heaux] Mia - Icy

Lipstick: TOP1SALON - HD SONA LIPSTICK (Lelutka X) FATPACK @Blanc. Event

Hair: [Yomi] Lynx Hair @Blanc. Event

Necklace: .:Short Leash:. Nerida's Necklace 

Outfit: -Sorumin- Feel chic SET -FATPACK- @Blanc. Event


Jacuzzi: K&S  - // gazebo with Jacuzzi @Access

Tent: Serenity Style - Summer Vibes Tent

Cooler: Junk Food - Cooler (Fatpack) @Blanc. Event

Dogs: [Krescendo] Doggo Sprinklers @Black Fair

Breedable Panda: Cute n Cuddly Panda *You can find your Starter Package Here

Cute n Cuddly Pandas are the most adorable breedable in sl they are so cute and easy to feed them. They have a very easy access to the config and have a portal for check them. Comes in beautiful colors some are pastel, my favorites ♥ 

For feed you only buy the food and put in your land and select the range and this food feed all pandas in this range is very easy.

Throughout my blog I will add more photos of my favorite moments with my pandas.

Just try and if u have a question you can write me ♥


jueves, 29 de julio de 2021

Look #213

My Kitty Corner ♥

Skin: [Heaux] Mia - Blush

Lipstick: TOP1SALON - HD SONA LIPSTICK (Lelutka X) FATPACK @Blanc. Event

Hair: [Yomi] Milo Hair@Anthem 

Hairband: NINI Planet. bunny dream - bunnyband(pink) @The Epiphany

Choker: NINI Planet. bunny dream - choker(white) @The Epiphany

Outfit: NINI Planet. bunny dream - RARE @The Epiphany

Pose with game: - Sweet Art - Gaming Girl Set FATPACK @Equal10


Cat Pillow: Astralia - Cat Pillow (VIU GIFT) A Giant Cat Pillow, with 7 color options and 10 cute animations for your lazy moments

Bunny plushie: NINI Planet. bunny dream - bunny(peach) @The Epiphany

Bear plushie: NINI Planet. bunny dream - bear(pink) @The Epiphany

Cushion: kiwi / Paw Cushion - Fatpack (unpacked) @Equal10

Fan: ANDORE - blower - Banny #FATPACK LIMITED @Blanc. Event

Kinky sign: .:Short Leash:. Kinky Time Sign @Blanc. Event

Messy clothes: BackBone Seifuku Sailor Decor

Hallway: Lagom - Cramped hallway @TLC

Lagom - Cramped hallway [ Frame ]
Lagom - Cramped hallway [ Hanger ]
Lagom - Cramped hallway [ Mail ]
Lagom - Cramped hallway [ Shoebox ]

Cereal bowl and box: SAVAGE X CEREAL SLUT / fatpack @Equal10

Other decor: 

Lagom  - Gamergirl Clutter 


domingo, 25 de julio de 2021

Look #212

California Gurl ♥

Skin: [Heaux] Mia - Porcelain

Tattoo: Ladybird. // Cheyenne @Equal10

Lipstick: Tutti Belli - 'Virgo' Collection (Lelutka Evolution X)

Nails: LOTUS. Bandit Nails 08 @Equal10

Hair: RAMA.SALON - Angie Hair 'EXCLUSIVE Pack' 

Top: 07 [Salem] High Tide - Top @The Epiphany

Jacket: 02 RARE [Salem] High Tide - Jacket @The Epiphany

Shorts: 18 [Salem] High Tide - Short @The Epiphany

Starfish:03 RARE [Salem] High Tide - Body Starfish @The Epiphany

Turtle: 21 [Salem] High Tide - Turtle // Leg @The Epiphany

Pose: Lyrium. Lena Static Series @Equal10

Watermelon: ::CHERRYISH:: Watermelon Punch Fatpack


Car: Serenity Style - Surfing Summer Car @Equal10

Poolside furniture: BackBone Poolside Lounger Set - Adult

BackBone Margarita
BackBone Nacho Bowl
BackBone Nacho Sauces
BackBone Poolside Lounger 
BackBone Poolside Side Table
BackBone Poolside Umbrella

Cooler: [ bubble ] Tropical Summer Cooler - Beach Essentials Gacha  @The Epiphany

Soda: [ bubble ] Lemonade Delight Soda - Beach Essentials Gacha @The Epiphany

domingo, 18 de julio de 2021

Look #211

Sweets Day ♥


Eyes: LOTUS. Creature Eyes 03 VIP @The Epiphany

Lipstick; TOP1SALON - HD ROSE LIPSTICK (Lelutka Evo) FATPACK @Equal10

Toast in mouth: ::CHERRYISH:: Toast Party - Cat [mouth] - RARE @The Epiphany

Hair: KUNI - Naomi Hairstyle

Necklace: Kibitz - Stella's necklace - fatpack @Equal10

Top: [V.C.LAB] Free Somebody GACHA RARE 2 @Equal10

Jeans: :uzu: Feel So Good gacha - pants 4 @Equal10

Pose: Lyrium. Lena Static Series @Equal10


Build: ninety - Cake Build @The Epiphany

Machine: ninety - Cupcakes Machine @The Epiphany

miércoles, 14 de julio de 2021

Look #210

Ready for Work ♥

Skin: [Utopia] Gumi / FATPACK / Lel Evo X 

Eyes: Gloom. - Future Collection - Heterochromia 3 M @The Epiphany 15th July

Eyeshadows: Tutti Belli - 'Spend It' Collection (Lelutka Evolution X)

Lipstick: Tutti Belli - 'Traitor' Collection (Lelutka Evolution X)

Hair: WINGS-TO0626-HAIR-RARE @The Epiphany 15th July

Headdress: WINGS-Headdress-TO0700-B01 @The Epiphany 15th July

Outfit: DAMI Back To Basic *RARE01


K&S - // Freedom. Bedroom @The Epiphany 15th July

Freedom. Bed brown rare 3
Freedom. chair brown
Freedom. coffee table with pouf
Freedom. decor
Freedom. lamp
Freedom. note board
Freedom. pillows
Freedom. rug 2
Freedom. table
Freedom. wooden decor continents


martes, 13 de julio de 2021

Look #209

My Bohemian Summer ♥

Skin: [ Pity Party ] Summer Fae lel evo X Willow @The Epiphany 15th July

Eyes: {S0NG} Spectra Eyes Gacha (Owl) @The Epiphany 15th July

Body Tattoo: pecheresse. lundy tattoo (body edition) RARE @Planet29

Hair: DALGONA - Blooming GACHA - C RARE @Equal10

Head Buddie: .Tardfish. Head Popper - Bunbun @Planet29

Headband: [ bubble ] Daisy Headband

Daisy in mouth and ice cream: *(OO)*YUKI Daisy ice cream  @Planet29

Outfit: MIWAS / Lulu Outfit @Equal10


Backdrop: TROPIX // Rosary BackDrop 04

Side Plant: Mithral * Table Top Lamp Planter (Blush) @Equal10

Sofa: Dahlia - Nohea - Outdoor Lounger - Flamingo

Table: Dahlia - Nohea - Table

Drinks: No59 H2O Splash @Equal10


domingo, 11 de julio de 2021

Look #208

My Cute Summer ♥

Skin: [Utopia] Autumn / Brisa / Lel Evo X

Lipstick; TOP1SALON - HD ROSE LIPSTICK (Lelutka Evo) FATPACK @Equal10

Hair: Stealthic - Lavish (Available in Mainstore)

Bikini Set: Lunar - Kini - FULLSET @Equal10

Float:  [: Kawaii Couture :] Polka Dot Heart Float - ALL 


Breedable Panda: Cute n Cuddly Panda *You can find your Starter Package Here

Chair: [Since1975] D-Lounge Chair (Pink)

Flamingo Statue: BROKEN ARROWS - Flamingo Statue - FATPACK @Equal10

Pool: [Since1975] Rock Pool 


sábado, 10 de julio de 2021

Look #207

Im a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World  ♥

Skin: [Glam Affair] Steffi [LelEVOX] Velour Tone - Icy @Blanc. Event

Hair: RAMA.SALON - Kimber Hair 'EXCLUSIVE Pack' @Collabor88

Hand Orb: [ bubble ] Celestial Orbs Set @Planet29

Top: [V.C.LAB] Next Level GACHA RARE 2

Skirt: Oddysee - Masumi skirt @Planet29

Boots: Astralia - On Fire Boots @Anthem Event 

Magical Heart: :ANDORE: - accessories - Magical Heart @Planet29


Bag in chair: Vibing -- Sour Daddies -- Purple @Blanc. Event

Chair: [Krescendo] Inflatable Chair @Blanc. Event

Space glasses: [Mamere] Tanabata jelly @Planet29

Bottles, glass, ballons and  boxes: Makokoi . Acacia Bart Cart . Blueberry @Blanc. Event

Makokoi . Acacia Bart Cart . Balloon . Blueberry
Makokoi . Acacia Bart Cart . Glass of Blueberry liquor
Makokoi . Acacia Bart Cart . Blueberries & Cream Liquor
Makokoi . Acacia Bart Cart . Boxes

Stairs, walls and frame: LEMME...I never told you

Other decor: :HAIKEI:

miércoles, 7 de julio de 2021

Look #206

My Dream Field ♥

Skin: TOP1SALON - JIEUN SKIN LEL X HD (VE Tone) Blush @Blanc. Event

Hair: Wasabi // Indigo Mesh Hair

Hat: Insomnia Angel . Luce lolita hat @The Warehouse Sale 

Dress: cheezu. sunny dress @Blanc. Event

Ice Cream in hand and mouth: :: MOMOCHUU :: Sweet sheep ice cream @Blanc. Event


Plants: NOMAD // LUPIN

Petals: [c.A.] Roxane *Pink*  [Petal shower]


sábado, 3 de julio de 2021

Look #205

My Perfect Day ♥

Skin: [Utopia] Gumi / Lirio /  Lel Evo X

Hair: KUNI - Hanna 

Necklace: 07.Loki - Butterfly Effect GACHA - Gold Butterfly Necklace

Dress: {HIME*DREAM}  Elliana Dress - Pink

Pose: [InDiGo] Maze Breathing & Static Stands Set @Dubai


Fountain: Serenity Style - Sabrina Spring Fountain

Bycicle: Serenity Style - Elisabeth Spring Bicycle

Grass and flowers: LOVE - CHLOE GRASS PACK