domingo, 9 de mayo de 2021

Look #183

 Laundry Day ♥


Hair: Hair: DOUX - Cassie Hairstyle

Bottle right: [Cosmic Dust] - Bullshhit Remover Pink @The Epiphany

Bottle left: [Cosmic Dust] - Love Mist Spray Purple @The Epiphany

Top: [Cosmic Dust] - Pattern Crop - RARE @The Epiphany

Shorts: Lunar - Fany Shorts

Socks: [Cosmic Dust] - Thigh High Socks


Astralia - Modular Laundry  @Uber Event 

Astralia - Modular Laundry (Corner Unit )
Astralia - Modular Laundry (Drying rack)
Astralia - Modular Laundry (Ironing Unit)
stralia - Modular Laundry (Laundry basket Unit)
Astralia - Modular Laundry (Lost Socks Basket)
Astralia - Modular Laundry (Pet Bed Unit)
Astralia - Modular Laundry (Pet Products Unit)
Astralia - Modular Laundry (Plants)
Astralia - Modular Laundry (Simple Unit)
Astralia - Modular Laundry (Sink Unit)
Astralia - Modular Laundry (Small Rack)
Astralia - Modular Laundry (Storage Unit)
Astralia - Modular Laundry (Wall Tiles) Square
Astralia - Modular Laundry (Wall Unit)
Astralia - Modular Laundry (Washing Machine 

Clothes in floor are from gacha Lagom - Messy Missy

Puppys: Foxwood - Tiny Pup  [box]

miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2021

Look #182

Office day: 


Hair: KUNI - Sharon  @Harajuku (April 20th)

Nails: Belle Epoque - Alaia Nails 4 @The Epiphany

Dress: {HIME*DREAM} Luna Dress  @Anthem

Pose: - Sweet Art - Macy Bento Poses @Dubai


Sofa and withe lamp: KUNI - Comf Set 

KUNI H&D - Comf Abajour
KUNI H&D - Comf Sofa

Furnitures: Acrid. gacha Marble office @The Epiphany

Acrid. black classic table
Acrid. flowers in marble and gold
Acrid. graphic tablet A001
Acrid. marble balance shelf
Acrid. marble frame
Acrid. marble lamp
Acrid. marble time
Acrid. table lamp marble balance
Acrid. trash can

Decor: 22769 - Wanderlust Memories @The Epiphany

22769 - Earth Globe - VIP
22769 - Magazine Storage - COMMON
22769 - Newspaper - COMMON
22769 - Record Player - COMMON
22769 - Vintage File Cabinet - COMMON

Coffe: andika[repos ] @The Epiphany

andika[repos ]Coffee

martes, 4 de mayo de 2021

Look #181

My dream room ♥

Skin: VCO 'Mella' / Light tone /  RARE

Hair: VCO  ~ Milly 002 [ Brown ] @Ota-con

Nails: Belle Epoque - Alaia Nails 2 @The Epiphany

Outfit: cheezu. feel something : RARE A @The Epiphany

Shoes: Essenz - Singapore @The Epiphany


Curtains: Lagom - Diana Curtains

Furniture: KOPFKINO - Miss Vanity II @The Epiphany

KOPFKINO - Miss Vanity II - Armoire 
KOPFKINO - Miss Vanity II - Bed
KOPFKINO - Miss Vanity II - Bench 
KOPFKINO - Miss Vanity II - Books & Flowers 
KOPFKINO - Miss Vanity II - Boxes
KOPFKINO - Miss Vanity II - Lamp
KOPFKINO - Miss Vanity II - Night Stand Pearls 
KOPFKINO - Miss Vanity II - Picture Frame VIP Gift
KOPFKINO - Miss Vanity II - Rug
KOPFKINO - Miss Vanity II - Wash Stand 

Dog: [Black Bantam] Cutie Yorkie Pose 2 Color 1


viernes, 30 de abril de 2021

Look #180

Munchies Day ♥

Skin: [Heaux] Ellie - Fair @Equal10

Tattoo: DAPPA - Bratty Tattoo

Hair: [Yomi] Enyo Hair  @Planet29

Glasses: [V.C.LAB] Deja Vu GACHA. glasses 01 @Equal10

Hairpin: [V.C.LAB] Deja Vu GACHA. hair pin 03 A @Equal10

Right earring: e.marie // Strawberry Earring { R } from Thrift Shop Earring Gacha 2.0@The Epiphany

Left earring: e.marie // Yellow Smiley Earring { L } from Thrift Shop Earring Gacha 2.0 @The Epiphany

Outfit: KitCat - Somdae Gacha Rare Outfit @The Epiphany

Bag: KitCat - Somdae Gacha Bag Common 21 @The Epiphany

Onigiri: KitCat - Somdae Gacha Onigiri Common 9 @The Epiphany

Drink: KitCat - Somdae Gacha Drink Orange Common 12 @The Epiphany

Gummys: kotte - face pack - gummy 


Backdrop: ninety - Build 01 RARE @The Epiphany

Animesh: Moon Rabbit ~MR~Stingrabbit~  @The Epiphany

~MR~PET Stingrabbit~#1
~MR~PET Stingrabbit~#5
~MR~PET Stingrabbit~#6

Plushies machine and plushies:  [VOZ] Cute Clip Doll Machine 


Look #179

Sakura Night ♥

Skin: [Heaux] Ellie - Fair @Equal10

Hair: [Yomi] Haru Hair @Ota.con

Bang: [Yomi] Bang Gang - Pack 1 - Bangs C

Earrings and Necklace: [ bubble ] Haneul Jewellry Set

Outfit: =Zenith= Dorothy Jacket & Skirt @N21 April 21

Pose: Lyrium. Eve Static Series @Equal10


Backdrop: .PALETO. Backdrop:. Hong Kong

Neon tree: BackBone Cyber Sakura

Neon sign: BackBone All We Have is Now Neon Sign - Pink in Mega Mystery Egg 

Neon Dancers: BackBone Neon Neko Dancers - BackBone Neon Neko Dancers - Yuki (pink)

jueves, 29 de abril de 2021

Look #178

Garden Time ♥

Skin: [Heaux] Ellie - Fair @Equal10

Hair: VCO ~ Jihyo 002 . Resizer [ Brown ] @Kustom9

Dress: =Zenith= Belle Spring Sweater Coat & Long Dress - RARE @Kustom9 April 15

Bag: =Zenith= Belle Spring Rattan Bag (ALL) - RARE @Kustom9 April 15

Hat: =Zenith= Belle Spring Flower Bow Hat (Light) @Kustom9 April 15


Serenity Style - Spanish Patio Corner @Unik

Serenity Style- Allium lilac pot
Serenity Style- Allium lilac-purple ground pot
Serenity Style- Allium Pink pot
Serenity Style- Allium Pink-Rose ground pot
Serenity Style- Allium Red pot
Serenity Style- Allium withe pot
Serenity Style- Spanish garden patio
Serenity Style- Spanish garden patio - Stool

Hanging topiary: tarte. timber wall & hanging topiary - FULL SET

Cage: tarte. garden birdcage - FULL SET

miércoles, 28 de abril de 2021

Look #177

Neon Hearts ♥

Skin: #Boataom : Ren Lelutka Applier 'Albina+' 

Hair: Stealthic - Metropolis @Anthem

Dress:  Magnoliac - Spirit Dress 

Aura Hearts and Big Hearts: Oddysee - Endless Love GACHA @Planet29

Pose: [InDiGo] Lissa Breathing & Static Stands Set @Dubai Event 


Neon wall: NOMAD // NEON WALL @Planet29

Moon Shelfs: *NeverWish* Moon Shelf  @Planet29

Furniture: BackBone Mega Mystery Egg - Adult

BackBone Bunny Plushie - Pink (happy)
BackBone Bunny Plushie - Purple (uWu)
BackBone Chill Corner - Bean Bag - Adult
BackBone Chill Corner - Buddy Bill
BackBone Chill Corner - Side Table w/ Plant
BackBone Chill Corner - Table Lamp