sábado, 4 de diciembre de 2021

Look #265

Snow Holidays ♥

Skin: { Pity Party } Tiger Lily Lel Evo X Tone Blush @Blanc. Event

Eyes: Gloom. - Joy Collection - Fatpack (I use gray) @Blanc. Event

Lipstick: GINCHUU ~ SHEN LIPSTICK FATPACK (unpacked) @Planet29

Hair:  Stealthic - Euphoric (Complete Package) @Anthem

Headband: [c.A.] Alicia *FAT* [Headband] @Planet29

Outfit: {HIME*DREAM} Mira Outfit - FATPACK @Anthem


Backdrop:  MINIMAL - Snow Park Scene @Uber

Snowman: Serenity Style - Primitive Cute Snowman @MadPea's Magical Toy Rescue Hunt

Tree: K&S - // Decorated Christmas tree

Stars: Lagom - Paper advent star

viernes, 3 de diciembre de 2021

Look #264

My purple living ♥


Hair: RAMA.SALON - Build a Bella Hair 'EXCLUSIVE Pack' @Kustom9

Bodysuit: Vincue / Annie BodySuit ~ Things @Access

Boots: Vincue / Kaokie Boots ~ Things @Kustom9

Celphone: MOVEMENT - Vintage Camera phone - White - Chic vintage set


Dog: [Rezz Room] Box Royal Poodle Animesh (Companion) @Access

Plants: MINIMAL - Plant Collection II Gacha FATPACK @The Arcade

MINIMAL - Plant Collection II RARE
MINIMAL - Plant Collection II -12-
MINIMAL - Plant Collection II -9-
MINIMAL - Plant Collection II -4-
MINIMAL - Plant Collection II -2-

Neon notes: Lagom - Neon music notes

Speark and headphones: MOVEMENT -  Chic vintage set FATPACK

LEMME...Let's do it everywhere // Fatpack Collection

LEMME... Couple stool
LEMME... Satisfy me
LEMME....On the couch // Purple & Pink
LEMME...Against the wall
LEMME...Banana Neon
LEMME...My secrets & yours
LEMME...Please me
LEMME...Solo girl stool


martes, 23 de noviembre de 2021

Look #263

Creamy Bear ♥

Skin: MUDSKIN - YOOA # SKIN - AJI  FACE 3 @Harajuku

Lipstick: MUDSKIN - YOOA # TINT  7 - LIGHT @Harajuku

Hair: KUNI - Teresa

Headband: kotte - rabbit headband @Kpop United 2021

Earring: Schelm :) G002-asymmetrical ring pearl earrings @Kpop United 2021

Choker: Kibitz - Butterflies collar - fatpack @Equal10

Outfit: MIWAS / Bella Outfit #FATPACK @Equal10

Dango: Lyrium. Cute Bear Dango Candy @Equal10


Backdrop: .::IDK::. Lovely night backdrop @Kpop United 2021


domingo, 21 de noviembre de 2021

Look #262

Running away from all of those eyes ♥

Skin: [Utopia] Saori / Lirio  @Kpop United 2021

Eyeshadow: { aa } Candy Eyeshadow - BoM Makeup @Kpop United 2021

Makeup: {Nyaru} - Jennie Makeup - BOM Evo X @Kpop United 2021

Lipstick: {Nyaru} - Jennie Lipstick - Lel B @Kpop United 2021

Hair: RAMA.SALON - Kim Jen Hair 'EXCLUSIVE Pack'

Left earring: QUIXE - Wang Earring @Kpop United 2021

Right earring: cheezu. smile earrings (Old gift) 

Top: ERSCH - Fanbase Suit top @Kpop United 2021

Straps: ERSCH - Fanbase Straps top @Kpop United 2021

Pins: ERSCH- K-pop pins @Kpop United 2021

Pants: * SK * Yuna FATPACK Pants @Kpop United 2021

Pose: Insomnia Angel. loco pose [fat] ( I use 8a upper only) @Kpop United 2021


Speakers: Dahlia - Kpop - Neon Military Speakers @Kpop United 2021

Neon sings: BROKEN ARROWS - K-Pop Sign - FATPACK @Kpop United 2021


domingo, 14 de noviembre de 2021

Look #261

Level Up ♥

Skin: [Utopia] Saori / Lirio  @Kpop United 2021

Eyes: A R T E - Pastelz Eyes @Kpop United 2021

Lipstick: Tutti Belli - 'Hyori' (Lelutka EvoX) @Kpop United 2021

Hair: RAMA.SALON - Amalia Hair 'EXCLUSIVE Pack' @Equal10

Necklace: .WARETA. Alice Necklace

Outfit: Art&Ko - Pop Girl Set - Dress @Kpop United 2021

Microphone: - Lolla Things - K-Idol Microphone FATPACK @Kpop United 2021

Pose: - Sweet Art - Dana Bento Poses


Backdrop: K&S - // Level UP. Backdrop @Access

Neon signs: [ bubble ] KPop Love Neon Set @Kpop United 2021


sábado, 13 de noviembre de 2021

Look #260

Influencer Time ♥

Skin: [Heaux] Tiara - Icy @Blanc. Event

Lipstick: Emotional Circus - Emillia Lipstick FATPACK @Blanc. Event

Hair: [Yomi] Polina Hair @Anthem

Garter: NINI Planet. tie a cherry @Tokyo Zero 

Top: Nectarine - Ribbed Tank Fatpack @Equal10

Short: Nectarine - Ribbed Shorts Fatpack  @Equal10

Socks: {Sakura} Lace Socks - Fatpack @Blanc. Event

Pose: [InDiGo] Luana  Bento Pose Set


Skybox: Lagom - Nora Skybox @Access

Panels: Lagom - Nora backdrop @Access

Desk: LEMME...Sex Influencer / FATPACK @Equal10

Neon Signs: BackBone Succubus & Incubus Neon Signs

LEMME...This is not a dream // Fatpack Collection

LEMME... Erotic // Glass table
LEMME... Nipples , rings and dildo
LEMME... The orgasm cabinet
LEMME... Vitamine D
LEMME...Do it // Artwall
LEMME...FUCK , what?
LEMME...HeartMoon Dildo // Luxe
LEMME...HeartMoon Dildo // Pastel
LEMME...I dont care // Artwall
LEMME...Keep me in company // Vibrator
LEMME...Keep me in company // Vibrator exclusive
LEMME...Kill you // Artwall
LEMME...My fake orgasms
LEMME...Octopus // Stimulator
LEMME...Take what you need
LEMME...This is not a dream // Ashtray


martes, 9 de noviembre de 2021

Look #259

Autumn Days ♥

Skin: MUDSKIN - YUMI # SKIN - SASEUM (EvoX) @Harajuku

Lipstick: MUDSKIN - YUMI # LIPGLOSS 4 - MED @Harajuku

Eyes: AG. Lover's Eyes - Fatpack

Hair: KUNI - Olivia 

Beret: Aurealis. Wannabe Gacha. Beret. [Patterns] - RARE 2.

Glasses: Core&Gore :: Medea glasses @Planet29

Outfit: {Sakura} Reena Outfit - Fatpack @Planet29


viernes, 5 de noviembre de 2021

Look #258

Dalgona Park ♥

Skin: more more. sumin skin Caramel Tone @Blanc. Event

Hair: Stealthic - Vesper (Complete Package)

Dalgona Candy: Astralia - Dalgona (Heart)

Outfit: {HIME*DREAM} Leila Outfit - FATPACK @Kustom9

Carry rollers: 01- [Since1975] Roller Skate Carry @Secret Garden


Backdrop: [Since1975] Roller Skates & Park FAT PACK @Secret Garden

02-[Since1975] Skate Park - Floor
03-[Since1975] Skate Park - Bowl
04-[Since1975] Skate Park - Plus Ramp
05-[Since1975] Skate Park - Ramp Corner
06-[Since1975] Skate Park - Ramp A
07-[Since1975] Skate Park - Ramp B
08-[Since1975] Skate Park - Ramp C


jueves, 4 de noviembre de 2021

Look #257

My Favorite Bakery ♥

Skin: more more. sumin skin Caramel Tone @Blanc. Event

Face tattoo: pecheresse. adelie tattoo (face edition) ink pack @Dubai Event

Body tattoo: pecheresse. adelie tattoo (lower edition) ink pack @Dubai Event

Hair: Foxy - Chai Hair @Collabor88

Outfit: Emery Langley Top & Sweater Vest @Dubai Event

Bag: [DDL] Early (Fatpack) @Dubai Event

Frappe: [Cinnamon Cocaine] Fall Frappe - Pumpkin Pie @Dubai Event


Backdrop: Serenity Style - Le Boulangerie Facade @Uber

Doves: 10 {anc} NO LIMITS.ground doves [sugar white]


martes, 2 de noviembre de 2021

Look #256

Sweet Bath ♥

Skin: more more. sumin skin Caramel Tone @Blanc. Event

Eyes: {S0NG} Tsuyu Eyes @Blanc. Event

Hair: [ PLACEBO ] All I Wanna Do gacha RARE2 (box)

Bunny Ears: Lush - Lewdy Bunny Ears Fatpack @Equal10

Top: Lush - Naughty Bra Wet & Dry Fatpack @Equal10

Skirt and panties: :: MOMOCHUU :: Layla skirt [Fatpack] @Equal10

Bathwater and Jar: parfait. Dere Waifu Bathwater - EXTREME


Dogs: [Rezz Room] Box Poodle Toy Adult Animesh (Companion) @Equal10

Accesories: MOVEMENT - Girly bathroom accessories FATPACK @Level Event

MVT - Liquid soap tray
MVT - Cotton swabs
MVT - Electric toothbrush
MVT - Fluffy heart rug
MVT - Girly bathroom trash can
MVT - That fur slides
MVT - Folding makeup mirror
MVT - Clean bath towels
MVT - Girly bath tray
MVT - Balmy bath soap bar

Rugs: Lagom - Fuzzyrugs @Blanc. Event

Lagom - Fuzzyrugs [ Heart ]
Lagom - Fuzzyrugs [ Moon ]
Lagom - Fuzzyrugs [ Star ]

Accesories: Lagom - Bathroom clutter 

01. Lagom - Bathroom clutter [ Shelf ] 
03. Lagom - Bathroom clutter [ Loofah Pink ] 
04. Lagom - Bathroom clutter [ Thrown towel ]
05. Lagom - Bathroom clutter [ Floor towel ]
06. Lagom - Bathroom clutter [ Shampoo purple ] 
07. Lagom - Bathroom clutter [ Shampoo pink ] 
08. Lagom - Bathroom clutter [ Sponge ] 
09. Lagom - Bathroom clutter [ Bathbombs ] 
10. Lagom - Bathroom clutter [ Bathbomb tube ]
11. Lagom - Bathroom clutter [ Bathpaw ] 
12. Lagom - Bathroom clutter [ Champange ] 
13. Lagom - Bathroom clutter [ Scrubbrush ] 

Wall hearts and lights: Lagom - Wall heartmist

Tub: Lagom - Sakura bathroom [ Tubs ADULT]


domingo, 31 de octubre de 2021

Look #255

Night in the Gas Station ♥

Skin: MUDSKIN - YUMI # SKIN - NOLU (EvoX) @Harajuku

Liner and face stickers: .WARETA. Roe Liners - v1 @Planet29

Lipstick:{Nyaru} - Aiko Lipstick - FATPACK @Planet29

Hair: [Yomi] Andromeda Hair @Necrotize

Choker:  .:Short Leash:. Guard Dog Collar 

Dress: Bipolar - Riri Dress - Fatpack @Planet29

Purse: MOVEMENT - Baddie clutch FATPACK

Garter: {minuit} Ririka Garter [FATPACK] @Planet29


Backdrop: MINIMAL - Gas Station Scene @Uber


sábado, 30 de octubre de 2021

Look #254

Dark Necessities ♥

Skin: MUDSKIN - YUMI # SKIN - AJI (EvoX) @Harajuku

Lipstick: MUDSKIN - YUMI # BARE LIP & EYELINE (I use med tone) @Harajuku


Hair: DOUX - Rehab Hairstyle 

Mask: AZOURY - Double Face @Dubai Event

Rosary: Insomnia Angel . rosary necklace w/collar @FLF-o-Ween

Brooch: Insomnia Angel . forgotten rosette [FAT] @Dubai Event

Lingerie: Violent Seduction - Tainaron (FATPACK) @The Epiphany

Pose: K&S - // Reborn. Bento poses @The Epiphany


Dog: [Rezz Room]  Box Imperial Doberman Halloween Animesh (Companion) (Mainstore Exclusive)

Snuggle and rug: BackBone Snuggle Spot Set @Satan Inc

Signs: [Krescendo] Halloween Sign Set  @SALEM

[Kres] Halloween Sign - Danger
[Kres] Halloween Sign - Trick or Treat

Pot: :Z.S: Crystal Pot @The Epiphany

Tray: .:Short Leash:. Full Service Tray - Halloween (I use B2) @The Epiphany

Pumpkin: [TKC] Kinky Pumpkin @ATCSL Kink or Treat Hunt 

Cabinet: BackBone Vintage Toy Cabinet - Red

Telepoofer: VENGE - 'Batty Telepoofer @ATCSL Kink or Treat Hunt 
Imused a great tp plug in you can show a little demostration here: https://gyazo.com/53fcaf9ba616cf4fc1a25eedf1bb5fd5


lunes, 25 de octubre de 2021

Look #253

Witch Room ♥

Skin: more more. lana skin 

Hair: KUNI - Kali @Kustom9

Horns and tail: [Salem] Sinner Horns & Tail @Satan Inc

Choker: [Aleutia] Elvira Choker @Satan Inc (Mistery Prize)

Dress: Insomnia Angel . Francesca dress [FAT]

Pumpkin: Dark Agony - Rotten Pumpkin @Trick or Treat Market 

Cat: [Rezz Room] Bombay Cat Animesh (Holdable) @Kustom9


Cat: [Rezz Room] Bombay Cat Animesh (Companion) @Kustom9

KraftWork + Pitaya .Reading Nook. FATPACK @The Epiphany

KraftWork + Pitaya .Reading Nook. Black bottom shelf
KraftWork + Pitaya .Reading Nook. Black large shelf
KraftWork + Pitaya .Reading Nook. Black shelf
KraftWork + Pitaya .Reading Nook. Black stool
KraftWork + Pitaya .Reading Nook. Black table
KraftWork + Pitaya .Reading Nook. Books 1 - 13
KraftWork + Pitaya .Reading Nook. Brass ladder
KraftWork + Pitaya .Reading Nook. Magenta rug
KraftWork + Pitaya .Reading Nook. Red flower arrangement

Tray: BROKEN ARROWS - Spooky Tray - FATPACK @Satan Inc

Skulls, rabbits and book with poisons: KOPFKINO - Halloween Decor @The Epiphany

KOPFKINO - Moth Skull (black) - Decor
KOPFKINO - Moth Skull (natural) - Decor
KOPFKINO - Moth Skull (white) - Decor
KOPFKINO - The Witch's Rabbit (Albino pure)
KOPFKINO - The Witch's Rabbit (Albino Vampire)
KOPFKINO - The Witch's Rabbit (demonic black)

Potions: DISORDERLY. / Potion Clutter / Gold Set @Satan Inc

DISORDERLY. / Potion Clutter / Boxes / Gold
DISORDERLY. / Potion Clutter / Dome / Gold
DISORDERLY. / Potion Clutter / Stands / Gold

Beer dispenser: .:No59:. Beer Tap Classic @Equal10

miércoles, 20 de octubre de 2021

Look #252

I don´t want to kill you ♥

Skin: more more. lana skin 

Eyes: {S0NG} Vampyra Eyes V2 Fatpack @The Epiphany

Lipstick: Ladybird. // Jamie Lippie @The Epiphany

Hair: {Limerence} Norah hair - Fatpack @Satan Inc

Dress, mask, axe and leg bandage: NINI Planet. Halloween hunter @The Epiphany


Cabin and decor: -DRD- Killer's Cabin - Cabin Collection