sábado, 18 de marzo de 2023

Look #328

I know I'm really, really, really unnatural ♥

Skin: more more. minha skin_fat pack (lel EvoX)

Makeup: pr!tty -[Makeup Set]-:Heart Doodles:-[Fatpack]-:EVOX: @School Day Event

Hair: PADO // ririko hair @The Warehouse Sale

Choker: Sari-Sari - Heart Leather Collar @The Warehouse Sale

Earrings: / NINIPLANET / UNNATURAL - earring02 @The Arcade


Hands Fishnet: thrashed fishnet sizes REBORN // . i i c i n g . @School Day Event

Garters: Insomnia Angel . Elsie binding chain garter [FAT]

Poses: Loco and FingerPlay Pose Pack from Insomnia Angel


Backdrop: .PALETO. Backdrop:. STOP @The Warehouse Sale

Bunny Lamps: [GAL] Miffy Lamp @School Day Event

Stars: .: Runic :. Wishing Stars Blush


jueves, 16 de marzo de 2023

Look #327

Neon Planet ♥

Skin: more more. minha skin_fat pack (lel EvoX)

Eyeshadows: Tutti Belli - 'Teen Idle' (Fatpack)

Lipstick: Tutti Belli - 'Besties' (Lelutka EvoX) Fatpack

Glasses: BONDI . Diplo Glasses . Fatpack @The Warehouse Sale

Outfit: Kiru - Nora Outfit (Fatpack) @CYBER Fair

Body Lights: LuluB! - Conected - Fatpack. @CYBER Fair

Animesh Pets: Dark Agony - E.P.AC. N - 2 @Coming Soon...


Backdrop: TROPIX // Alleyway Silence Fat. @The Warehouse Sale


lunes, 13 de marzo de 2023

Look #326

Burn Spell ♥

Skin: more more. minha skin_fat pack (lel EvoX)

Eyeshadows: Tutti Belli - 'Dont Cry' (Lelutka EvoX) Pack 4 @Skin Fair

Lipstick: Tutti Belli - 'Dont Cry' (Lelutka EvoX) Pack 2 @Skin Fair

Eyes: {S0NG} Mewf V2 Eyes - FATPACK @The Warehouse Sale

Hair: Usagi Society - Dark Rose Hair // Bloggers Pack @The Warehouse Sale

Hat: Hotdog - Ceremony hat . Witchy @The Warehouse Sale

Top: cheezu. minseo top : all sizes @School Day Event

Skirt: cheezu. minseo skirt : all sizes @School Day Event

Socks: ::C'est la vie !:: Rin Socks (#1) FATPACK @School Day Event

Book: secondlies burn book // . i i c i n g@School Day Event


Backdrop: MINIMAL - Lecturas Backdrop FATPACK

Decor are from .random.Matter.


miércoles, 22 de febrero de 2023

Look #325

Shopping Hearts ♥

Skin: more more. minha skin_fat pack (lel EvoX)

Eyes: [Serenity] - Sara lenses @Planet29

Lipstick: {sangre.} Glow Up Lippie @Planet29

Hair: {Limerence} Delia hair-Fatpack @Cupid Inc

Outfit (Bolero, leg straps, panties, and bracelet.) : Kiru - Tailor Outfit (Fatpack) @Hentai Fair

Shoes: ALTAIR* eostre heels .fatpack. @Cupid Inc

Tumbler: .[ KUMIHO ]. Cute Animal Tumblers FATPACK @Planet29


Cart: ERSCH - HeartShopping cart (RED) (Mystery Prize) @Cupid Inc

Pose and Hearts (modify with poser): Stardust - Love Song - FATPACK Bento Poses


miércoles, 15 de febrero de 2023

Look #324

Queen of Hearts ♥

Skin: more more. minha skin_fat pack (lel EvoX)

Finger Blush: polar<3bunny. blush fingers. style two @The Warehouse Sale

Eyeshadows: GOREGLAM 'Flutter' Eyeliners EVO X @Cupid Inc

Lipsticks: GOREGLAM 'Candy' Lipgloss EVO X @Cupid Inc

Eyes: UniCult - Devotion Eyes @The Warehouse Sale

Eyes Sparkling: Insomnia Angel . Eyes sparkling (I use "Heart") @Cupid´s Fault Fair

Cheek Cushion: Insomnia Angel . Cheek heart cushion [FAT] @Collabor88

Nails: ALT3 x Quirky > Valentine Heart Nails > [FATPACK] @The Warehouse Sale

Hair: :::Phoenix::: Jules Hair Fatpack @Cupid Inc

Necklace: NaaNaa's Sinthya Set Fatpack @Cupid Inc

Top: KuZ - Misha Corset - FATPACK // @The Warehouse Sale


viernes, 10 de febrero de 2023

Look #323

Auto Memory Doll ♥

Skin: more more. minha skin_fat pack (lel EvoX)

Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Risako hair-Fatpack @Cupid Inc

Glasses: [Fetch] Admire Glasses @Cupid Inc

Hairpins: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Risako hairclips (Mystery Prize) @Cupid Inc

Necklace: Insomnia Angel . Chained Collar [FAT]

Outfit: [KRR] Clementine Outfit (FATPACK) @Cupid Inc

Garters: Insomnia Angel . Elsie binding chain garter [FAT] @Risky Business 2023

Tumbler: [Fetch] Passion Tumbler - Sweet (Mystery Prize) @Cupid Inc

Envelopes: Dark Agony - Amour Love Letter

Shoes: Insomnia Angel . Grace lace up platforms [FAT] 


Basket: BROKEN ARROWS - Lovely Basket - FATPACK [ADD] @Cupid Inc

Deco: Cupid Inc. 5th Anniversary Gifts @Cupid Inc

Cupid Inc. 5th Anniversary (Anniversary Cake)
Cupid Inc. 5th Anniversary (Cupid Bear)
Cupid Inc. 5th Anniversary (Donut Couple Pose)
Cupid Inc. 5th Anniversary (Heartbreak Street)
Cupid Inc. 5th Anniversary (Love Handcuffs)
Cupid Inc. 5th Anniversary (Love Poems)
Cupid Inc. 5th Anniversary (Romantic Blanket)

♥ 9 EXTRA REWARD PRIZES. How to unlock them?
Additionally, also based on your shopping balance at the event, you will be able to unlock 9 extra prizes offered by Novel Events to celebrate the anniversary. Will you guess... Cupid?  ♥

WHERE TO GET THE Anniversary prizes?
Join our in-world group (it's free, but you need the tag to access the sim) and visit this location: @Cupid Inc. 2023 Anniversary Gifts and Secondary Door Location

sábado, 4 de febrero de 2023

Look #322

Heart Bunny ♥

Skin: more more. minha skin_fat pack (lel EvoX)

Eyes: {S0NG} Josie Eyes - FATPACK @The Warehouse Sale

Eyeshadows and Lipstick: ::LL:: Forever Moon Makeup Set @Planet29

Face Bandaid: nyaru - beary bandaids - fatpack @The Warehouse Sale

Hair: LEAU. J001 // @The Warehouse Sale

Hairpin: -Just Tony- Hairpin Pompom @Planet29

Outfit: / NINIPLANET / Typa Girl Outfit @Anthem 

Bunny: velvetbutter - heart rabbit fatpack @Planet29


Fence: Lagom - Nadia Fence

Heartmist: Lagom - Wall heartmist


miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2023

Look #321

Bear Food ♥

Skin: more more. minha skin_fat pack (lel EvoX)

Eyes: Maktub Store - Himari Eyes Fatpack @Planet29


Heart Stickers: ALT3 > Heart Stickers > BOM + Materials @The Warehouse Sale

Lipstick: [Serenity] - Sara lipgloss @Planet29

Hair: LEAU. D003 // @The Warehouse Sale

Hairpins: goorm. bonny hairpin - fatpack @Planet29

Outfit: Bipolar - Love Set @The Warehouse Sale

Leg warmers: / NINIPLANET / ugg leg warmer @Harajuku

Shoes: - Sweet Art - Babi Sneakers


Skybox: Lagom - Minna apartment

Pillows: Lagom - Cozy Pillow pile

Stringlights: Lagom - Nommy Stringlights [ Icecream ]

Bentobox: dust bunny . kawaii lunch 


viernes, 13 de enero de 2023

Look #320

Strawberry Fields ♥

Skin: more more. minha skin_fat pack (lel EvoX)


Eyes: polar<3bunny. earth eyes. LeL - Omega - Mesh - BoM @The Warehouse Sale

Hair: KMH - Hair F217 Fatpack @The Warehouse Sale

Necklace: Insomnia Angel . Ichigo choker [FAT] @The Food Court 

Top: Kiru - Salome Top (Fatpack) @The Food Court 

Sleeves: Kiru - Salome Sleeves (Fatpack) @The Food Court 

Celphone: - Sweet Art - Kawaii Phone Set @Equal10

Pose: Lyrium. Sam Breathing & Static Animation Set @Equal10


Strawberrys: 16. Lagom - Strawberry craze [ Light Red ] C/M

Grass: Stardust - Sparkly Grass - Green Darker


martes, 3 de enero de 2023

Look #319

Wishes to Heaven ♥

Skin: more more. minha skin_fat pack (lel EvoX)

Hair: LEAU. D001 // @The Warehouse Sale

Hair accesory: Schelm :) HA002-Japanese fabric flower-making KANZASHI-FAT @Okinawa New Year Festival 22 - 23

Dress: ERSCH - Harusa Dress {FULLPACK} @Okinawa New Year Festival 22 - 23

Shoes: Skellybones -- Sugar Getas @The Warehouse Sale


Bridge: kokeC rock bridge FATPACK @Okinawa New Year Festival 22 - 23

Rocks: Lagom - Covered rocks

Rock Frogs: Lagom - Happy little garden frog

Lanters: .Tardfish. Bunny Lantern - FATPACK @The Warehouse Sale

Light Lotus: Lagom - Mist lotus

Flowers: +Half-Deer+ Flower Confetti [Pink Set]