domingo, 28 de febrero de 2021

Look #154

 Not tonight baby ♥

Skin: #Boataom : Ren Lelutka Applier 'Albina+' 

Hair: DOUX - Cyanna hairstyle

Lipstick: TOP1SALON - HD SPARKLE LIPSTICK (Lelutka Evolution) @Equal10

Eyeliner: TOP1SALON - HD MUSTHAVE EYELINER (Lelutka Evo) @Equal10

Necklace: Kibitz - Jessa's necklace - fatpack 

Dress: Palette - Syrena @Uber

Whip: LEMME...Whip // Two  from LEMME...Slap me! Gacha @FETISH FAIR


Backdrop: JL - night bar

Lounge: BackBone  Heartbreaker's Lounge - Adult

BackBone Heartbreaker's Lounge - Side Table
BackBone Heartbreaker's Lounge - Throne Adult
BackBone Heartbreaker's Lounge - Ashtray (black)
BackBone Heartbreaker's Lounge - Whiskey Bottle (pink)
BackBone Heartbreaker's Lounge - Whiskey Glass

Balloons: BackBone Message Balloons - Not Tonight

viernes, 26 de febrero de 2021

Look #153

Neon Bar ♥

Skin: #Boataom : Ren Lelutka Applier 'Albina+' 

Hair: Lamb. Penny Lane 

Lipstick: TOP1SALON - HD SPARKLE LIPSTICK (Lelutka Evolution) @Equal10

Eyeliner: TOP1SALON - HD MUSTHAVE EYELINER (Lelutka Evo) @Equal10

Beret: `M.BIRDIE / Dio look. BERET RARE (Tysm Sweet Maria ♥)

Outfit: =Zenith= Jisoo Jacket / Skirt @Uber 25th Feb

Pose: SINCHI - Akemi Collection


Backdrop: .PALETOBackdrop:.wild night  @Equal10

Neon signs: RARE = DAE = 6  NEON LIGHT PACK

miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2021

Look #152

Country Love ♥

Skin: #Boataom : Ren Lelutka Applier 'Albina+' 

Hair: KUNI - Ara @Equal10

Outfit: =Zenith= Tamia Dress @N21 February

Hand cookie: :Deluge: LoveBaby Holdable Cookies Red @ATCSL Love Hurts Hunt 2021


KraftWork Enamorados @Cupid Inc

KraftWork Enamorados . Glass Cloche Pink Rose
KraftWork Enamorados . Hanging Heart Wall Hook
KraftWork Enamorados . Heart Rug (Red/Pink)
KraftWork Enamorados . Simple Wall Hook
KraftWork Enamorados . Wall Panel
KraftWork Enamorados . Wood Bench PG

Service Cart: DISORDERLY./ Valentines Service / Gold @Cupid Inc

DISORDERLY. / Valentines Service / Heart Bowl / Gold
DISORDERLY. / Valentines Service / Heart Stand / Gold
DISORDERLY. / Valentines Service / Serving Cart / Gold
DISORDERLY. / Valentines Service / Tea Cups / Gold

Bunnys: Serenity Style- Take my heart figurines @Cupid Inc

Wheel: Serenity Style- You and me wheel barrow (Mystery Gift) @Cupid Inc

Cookies tray: :Deluge: LoveBaby Cookies DECOR- RED @ATCSL Love Hurts Hunt 2021

Wall sconces: ..:Short Leash:. Love Hurts Wall Sconce // Red Version @ATCSL Love Hurts Hunt 2021
Hanging Hearts: MADRAS Willow Heart Wallnut @Cupid Inc

Floor Conffeti: tarte. heart balloons & confetti - FULL SET @C88


martes, 23 de febrero de 2021

Look #151

Love Wagon ♥

Skin: #Boataom : Ren Lelutka Applier 'Albina+' 

Hair: *barberyumyum*P13(02)

Eyeliner and tears: WarPaint* Lover's Lament @Cupid Inc

Head dress: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Chinatsu headdress (Mystery Gift) @Cupid Inc 

Earrings: ERSCH - Love Love earrings with HUD (Mystery Gift) @Cupid Inc 

Outfit: [V.C.LAB] 4 Walls GACHA RARE 2 @Equal10


Backdrop: .banana peel. Love Train backdrop @Cupid Inc 

Teddy balloons: Astralia - "Love Me" Bear Balloon (Mystery Gift) @Cupid Inc 

Back big balloons: BackBone Message Balloons - Guess You'll Do

Be mine Balloons: BackBone Message Balloons - Be Mine RARE  

Front balloons, floor balloons and confetti with lights: tarte. heart balloons & confetti - FULL SET @C88

tarte. heart confetti (w lights) - air
tarte. heart confetti (w lights) - ground
tarte. grouped heart balloons (mixed) A
tarte. grouped heart balloons (mixed) B
tarte. floor heart balloons - large

lunes, 22 de febrero de 2021

Look #150

Cute Yandere ♥

Skin: #Boataom : Ren Lelutka Applier 'Albina+' 

Eyes: LOTUS. Lockdown Eyes 04 (Mesh) R and Eyes 08 (Mesh) L @Equal10

Hair: KUNI - Ara @Equal10

Gummys: kotte - face pack - gummy 

Hair clips: *(OO)*YUKI Viyo Strawberry A 04 and Strawberry B 09 @Equal10

Mouth Sandwich: *(OO)*YUKI  Viyo Strawberry Sandwich @Equal10

Choker: .:Short Leash:. Shug's Collar @Fetish Fair 

Outfit: cheezu. sailor school uniform : fatpack @Kagami

Pose: Lyrium. Rukaya Static Series @Equal10


Backdrop: K&S - // High love chemistry class. Backdrop @Hentai Fair 

Chemestry set: MadPea Chemistry Set 


domingo, 21 de febrero de 2021

Look #149

Care bear ♥

Skin: #Boataom : Ren Lelutka Applier 'Albina+'


Hat: NINI Planet.  gomigomi :: B7 @Equal10

Outfit: NINI Planet. gomigomi :: A2 @Equal10

Shoes: NINI Planet.  gomigomi :: RARE @Equal10

Chocolate: [: Kawaii Couture :] Cutie Cups Peanut Butter


mintae. Personal Mess - Fatpack - V1.0

Decor: MOVEMENT - Valentine's wishes @Equal10

MVT - Bullet jornal and love pills
MVT - Letters light box
MVT - Love you a latte
MVT - My phone stand
MVT - Some cute purse

StringlightsLagom - Lovehearts Stringlights

Pillows: Lagom - Kawaii Pillows @Sokawaii sundays

Other decor: LEMME...Lonely hearts club @Equal10

LEMME....Sad music 
LEMME...Empowered & romantic

Plants: Mithral * Hanging Sansevieria Trio (Gold) @Equal10

Backdrop: +Half-Deer+ Heart Window Backdrop @Cupid Inc 


jueves, 18 de febrero de 2021

Look #148

Cupid Place ♥

Skin: #Boataom :: Ren Lelutka Applier 'Albina+' 

Lipstick: TOP1SALON - HD SPARKLE LIPSTICK (Lelutka Evolution) @Equal10

Eyeliner: TOP1SALON - HD MUSTHAVE EYELINER (Lelutka Evo) @Equal10

Hair: [Yomi] Aimi Hair @Cupid Inc 

Hair clips: Insomnia Angel .Heart mini hair clips @Cupid Inc 

Outfit: Luas Emery @Cupid Inc 


Ruins: ionic : Sacred Ruins

Sign: Pitaya - Love Sign @Cupid Inc 

Ballons:  Raindale - Airvalley fullset @Cupid Inc 

Raindale - Airvalley balloon (heart)
Raindale - Airvalley balloon

Cupid Animesh: [Rezz Room] Box Cupid Animesh @Cupid Inc 

Flowers: PoseAble & Mesh ~ The Garden @The Gacha Garden 

PoseAble & Mesh ~ 1. Elegance

Other decor: [Aspect] Be Mine @The Gacha Garden 

[A] 3. Candles
[A] 17. Stump
[A] 21. RARE Tunnel of Love - Red


lunes, 15 de febrero de 2021

Look #147


Be My Valentine ♥

Skin: more more. bona skin_milk @Planet29

Hair: DALGONA - Blossom Blossom GACHA - B RARE @Equal10

Eyes: AG. Heart Eyes (Mystery gift) @Cupid Inc 

Dress and choker: =Zenith= Haisley Dress @C88 February


Phone Booth and pose: Amitie Floral Phone Booth @Equal10

Hearts with card: Raindale - Airvalley balloon with card (red) @Cupid Inc 

Cupid Animesh: [Rezz Room] Box Cupid Animesh @Cupid Inc 

Arrows: +Half-Deer+ Cupid Can't Aim [Cupid Arrows Decor Set (Mystery gift) @Cupid Inc 

viernes, 12 de febrero de 2021

Look #146

Crazy Kittys ♥


Skin: more more. bona skin_milk @Planet29

Hair: *barberyumyum*P13(02)

Body blush: {Nyaru} - Sweetheart Blusher RARE @Planet29

Eyes: {Nyaru} - Sweetheart Gacha - Eye 2 @Planet29

Face blush: {Nyaru} - Sweetheart Gacha - Blush 2 @Planet29

Outfit: Lunar - Fany - FULLSET @Equal10

Pose: - Sweet Art - Dual Pose #8


Skin: #Boataom : Ren Lelutka Applier 'Albina+' 

Hair: DOUX - Rehab hairstyle

Eyeliner: {minuit} moon liner kit - lel

Choker: .:Short Leash:. Kit's Collar 

Headband: Moon Rabbit ~MR~Fur Kitty~Glam White

Outfit: Palette - Desire @Equal10

Pose: - Sweet Art - Dual Pose #8




Toys: .:Short Leash:. Good Kitten Toys 

.:Short Leash:. Good Kitten Toys // Bell Ball Toy
.:Short Leash:. Good Kitten Toys // Cat Toy - Gold
.:Short Leash:. Good Kitten Toys // Double Spring
.:Short Leash:. Good Kitten Toys // Fishy Toy
.:Short Leash:. Good Kitten Toys // Food Bowl
.:Short Leash:. Good Kitten Toys // Single Spring
.:Short Leash:. Good Kitten Toys // Squeaky Mouse Toy

Bottles: ::Static:: Bottle Kids Gacha @The Gacha Garden 

::Static:: Bottle Kids Throwable -  SOI {Phanta Variety Pack}
::Static:: Bottle Kids Throwable - 02 {Phanta Orange}
::Static:: Bottle Kids Throwable - 05 {Phanta Wild Cherry}
::Static:: Bottle Kids Throwable - 07 {Cope Soda}
::Static:: Bottle Kids Throwable - 11 {Spite Soda}

Cat figure: Bang! Figures - Princess Galaxy #11 - Lunar Cat *RARE* @The Gacha Garden 

miércoles, 10 de febrero de 2021

Look #145

School days with my bff♥


Skin: #Boataom : Ren Lelutka Applier 'Albina+'

Lashes: Mimmi Collection #Enchanted Eyes Lashes @Planet29

Lipstick: :: MOMOCHUU :: You Lips [Fatpack] @Planet29


Nose and neck band aid: *(OO)*YUKI Uria Band-Aid 01 @Planet29

Lollipop: *(OO)*YUKI Uria Candy 06 (Mouth) @Planet29

Bear Ears: *(OO)*YUKI Uria White Bear Ear RARE 01 @Planet29

Outfit: cheezu. heena outfit : fatpack @Anthem 

Pose: - Sweet Art - Saya Bento Poses @Vanity Event


Skin: (Enfer Sombre*) Ume Albino Tone

Hair: [monso] Myeon Hair

Outfit: cheezu. heena outfit: Black @Anthem 

Pose: - Sweet Art - Saya Bento Poses @Vanity Event


Backdrop: MINIMAL - Memories Book Backdrop

Puppys: Foxwood - Tiny Pup  [box]


domingo, 7 de febrero de 2021

Look #144

The tea party is ready ♥

Skin: #Boataom :: Ren Lelutka Applier 'Albina+' 

Hair: DOUX  - Alana Hairstyle

Earrings and choker: Blah. Crystal Heart Choker & Earrings

Dress and hat: Blume. Shortbread Outfit

Strawberry: [Black Bantam] Chocolate Dripping Strawberry Set


Kitchen: K&S - // Victoria. Kitchen set @Anthem 

Bar stool pink
Kitchen island pink
Kitchen set pink

Tea set: [Merak] - Marie's Tea Party


sábado, 6 de febrero de 2021

Look #143

Once upon a time ♥

Skin: #Boataom :: Ren Lelutka Applier 'Albina+' 

Hair: bonbon - sara hair (naturals) 

Face Blush: Blurr ~ Cut Out Blushes @ATCSL Love Hurts Hunt 2021

Body Blush: #3 GERMINAL - Simple Body Blush  BOM  @ATCSL Love Hurts Hunt 2021

Head Band: *LODE* Head Accessory - Julia Crown [mauve]

Dress: UNA. Xiaoling @Kinky Event

Pose: [InDiGo] Mari Breathing & Static Stands Set  @Dubai Event


[Since1975] Once upon a time - RARE
[Since1975] Once upon a time - Rocks & Tree
[Since1975] Once upon a time - Rose Jar
[Since1975] Once upon a time - Moon Jar
[Since1975] Once upon a time - Moon
[Since1975] Once upon a time - Lamp
[Since1975] Once upon a time - Branches
[Since1975] Once upon a time - Bike
[Since1975] Once upon a time - Mushrooms

Music box: 33rd eye Lock & Key @The Gacha Garden 

3rd Eye_ Lock & Key MB 1
3rd Eye_ Lock & Key MB 4
3rd Eye_ Lock & Key MB 9
3rd Eye_ Lock & Key MB 12

Stones: Sway's [Flint] Stepping Stones


lunes, 1 de febrero de 2021

Look #142

Lemon Day ♥

Skin: #Boataom :: Ren Lelutka Applier 'Albina+' 

Hair: *barberyumyum*B13

Earrings:[^.^Ayashi^.^] Lemon earrings - Fruit splash gacha

Dress: Palette- Maka @Planet29

Pose: Lyrium. Biah Static Series


tarte. banks accent collection - FULL SET @N21

tarte. wall vine lights 
tarte. banks industrial table
tarte. bowl of lemons
tarte. wine lights II - grouped
tarte. brushed canvas

Plant: Mithral * Calathea Majestica (Pack B)