miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2021

Look #168

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Skin: #Boataom : Ren Lelutka Applier 'Albina+'

Hair: [Yomi] Gwyn Hair


Gloss: *(OO)*YUKI Aua Juicy Gloss 02 @SCHOOLDAY EVENT

Choker: *(OO)*YUKI Zoa Necklace A 02 @Equal10

Outfit: UNA. Suda @Equal10

Cuffs: LEMME...Heart handcuffs // Pink // To hold


Banner: .:Short Leash:. Kinky Banners - Cute & Kinky Version

LEMME..It girl @Equal10

LEMME...I'm an it girl // RARE
LEMME...Breasts flowerpot // Rose
LEMME...It plugs! // Colormix
LEMME...It table // kiss
LEMME...kiss me, kiss me, kiss me
LEMME...My "it" girl jewelry
LEMME...Neon zen light
LEMME...Well, that didn't work // Vases

LEMME...So many toys
LEMME...My secrets // Safe box // Opened

Desk and accesories: BackBone Gamer's Heaven Set 

BackBone Gamer's Heaven - Mousemat (unicorn)
BackBone Gamer's Heaven - Water Bottle (pink)
BackBone Gamer's Heaven - Desk (pink)
BackBone Gamer's Heaven - Cuddly Fox (white)
BackBone Gamer's Heaven - Monitor (silver)
BackBone Gamer's Heaven - Keyboard & Mouse (silver)
BackBone Gamer's Heaven - Work Station (silver)
BackBone Gamer's Heaven - Chair


martes, 30 de marzo de 2021

Look #167

Planetary Night ♥

Skin: #Boataom : Ren Lelutka Applier 'Albina+'

Hair: [Yomi] Mona Hair @Planet29

Glasses: -LT- Galaxy Glasses @Planet29

Ring: .:Short Leash:. The Herzchen Ring 

Outfit: =Zenith= Katie Dress  @Uber 25th March 

Drink: Makokoi . Galactic Drinks @Planet29

Aura: #LuluB! - Ava - Aura. @Planet29


Backdrop: .PALETO.Backdrop:.DON'T PANIC

Neon Stars: [ bubble ] Star Neon Wall Decor @Planet29

Neon aliens: [ bubble ] Alien Neon Wall Decor

Planet: +Half-Deer+ Candy Galaxy - Planet Sorbet


viernes, 26 de marzo de 2021

Look #166

K-room ♥

Skin: #Boataom : Ren Lelutka Applier 'Albina+'

Hair: AMITOMO - Love Effect GACHA - RARE

Hairbrush: *(OO)*YUKI Zoa Hairbrush 01  @Equal10

Choker: *(OO)*YUKI Zoa Necklace A 08 @Equal10

Pills: *(OO)*YUKI Zoa Healing Pills 01 @Equal10

Headphones: NINI Planet. walk together outfit :: headphone(white) @Equal10

Outfit: NINI Planet. walk together outfit :: RARE @Equal10

Sandals: EVIE - Bow Slippers @Equal10

Socks: Lunar - Fany Socks 

Pose: [InDiGo] Zara Bento Pose Set


Astralia - Nostalgic K-pop (FATPACK)

Astralia - Nostalgic K-pop (Meh Neon)
Astralia - Nostalgic K-pop (Table)
Astralia - Nostalgic K-pop (Suitcase Record Player)
Astralia - Nostalgic K-pop (Tapestry)

Lagom - Messy Missy @Access

01. Lagom - Messy Missy [ Hanger ] RARE
02. Lagom - Messy Missy [ Dresser ]
04. Lagom - Messy Missy [ Poof Floral ]
05. Lagom - Messy Missy [ Laundry basket ]
06. Lagom - Messy Missy [ Clothing pile ] RARE 
07. Lagom - Messy Missy [ Skirt ]
08. Lagom - Messy Missy [ Tights ]
09. Lagom - Messy Missy [ Fishnets ]
10. Lagom - Messy Missy [ Tanktop ]
11. Lagom - Messy Missy [ Jeans ] 
12. Lagom - Messy Missy [ Ohmy! ] 

Cameras: MOVEMENT- My camera FATPACK @Equal10

miércoles, 24 de marzo de 2021

Look #165

Paseo ♥

Skin: #Boataom : Ren Lelutka Applier 'Albina+'

Hair: DALGONA  - Love You More GACHA - A RARE @Equal10

Dress: DAMI_flowermarket_dress 3 @Kustom9

Cardigan: DAMI_flowermarket_A2  @Kustom9

Bag: DAMI_flowermarket_D3 @Kustom9

Pose: [InDiGo] Zara Bento Pose Set


Background: K&S - // Lighthouse. backdrop @Kustom9

Flowers: Lagom - Mist lotus @Bloom Event

Doves: 6 {anc} NO LIMITS.flying doves [ham-pink]


Look #164

Skip Class ♥

Skin: more more. jisu skin_milk (Lelutka) @SCHOOLDAY EVENT

Hair: *barberyumyum*P13(02)

Glasses: cheezu. square glasses @Kustom9

Bubble and Ears : DAZED. Mood Icons  @SCHOOLDAY EVENT

Outfit: {Rosier} / Haru Uniform / Maitreya Flat (FATPACK) @SCHOOLDAY EVENT

Fruit: kotte - candied fruit skewers 


Bubbles: Lagom - Mist bubbles

Truck and decor: .banana peel. BUNNY LOOPS GACHA @SCHOOLDAY EVENT

.bp. Bunny Loops. cereal RARE
.bp. Bunny Loops. food truck RARE
.bp. Bunny Bread. rye
.bp. Bunny Bread. toasty
.bp. Bunny Eggy
.bp. Bunny Onigiri. neutral
.bp. Bunny Onigiri. plummy
.bp. Bunny Yoghurt. blueberry
.bp. Bunny Yoghurt. peary
.bp. Bunny Yoghurt. strawberry
.bp. Bunny. autumn
.bp. Bunny. forestberry
.bp. Bunny. pastelle
.bp. Bunny. rose
.bp. Bunny. spring
.bp. Bunny. summer
.bp. Bunny. winter


martes, 23 de marzo de 2021

Look #163

Cute But Dangerous ♥

Skin: #Boataom : Ren Lelutka Applier 'Albina+'

Hair: DALGONA  - Love You More GACHA - B RARE @Equal10

Outfit: Luas Makayla  @Access

 Pose: Lyrium. Vicky Static Series @Equal10


Backdrop: .PALETO.Backdrop:. New York - @Equal10


Decor: PITAYA&TROPIX - Cyber City 

viernes, 19 de marzo de 2021

Look #162

Perfect Cage ♥

Skin: #Boataom : Ren Lelutka Applier 'Albina+' 

Eyes: LOTUS. Hermit Eyes 13 @Equal10

Hair: KUNI - Sol @Equal10

Outift: =Zenith= Sounds Good to Me Coat & Skirt - RARE @Kustom9 15th March 21

Pose: Lyrium. Iris Static Series @Equal10


Backdrop: Serenity Style- The Lost Corner Backdrop @Equal10

Cages: tarte. garden birdcage - FULL SET ( I use bronze color) @C88

Doves: 6 {anc} NO LIMITS.flying doves [ham-pink]


jueves, 18 de marzo de 2021

Look #161

Sakura Class ♥

Skin: {minuit} Claire Skin [pitaya]

Body applier: {minuit} Fruit 


Eyeshadows: {minuit} Senpai [fatpack] @SCHOOLDAY EVENT

Hair: PIWI // Arin hair @SCHOOLDAY EVENT

Earrings: NINI Planet. Russian Roulette Gacha :: gold earring @SCHOOLDAY EVENT

Glasses: cheezu. square glasses @Kustom9

Rings: cheezu. daily thin rings : group gift

Outfit: -Sorumin- School break SET -FATPACK- @SCHOOLDAY EVENT

Bubble: DAZED. Mood Icons - Heart Bubble @SCHOOLDAY EVENT


Backdrop: K&S - // High love chemistry class. Backdrop @Hentai Fair 


domingo, 14 de marzo de 2021

Look #160

Neko Night ♥

Skin: #Boataom : Ren Lelutka Applier 'Albina+' 

Tattoo: DAPPA  - Diana Tattoo. @Equal10

Lipstick: TOP1SALON - HD MUAH LIPSTICK (Lelutka Evo) @Equal10

Face crystals: TOP1SALON - HD CRYSTALS HEARTS (Lelutka Evolution) @Equal10

Hair: MIWAS - Hair #Sarah 'FATPACK' @Equal10

Glasses: BONDI . The KPOP Star  Glasses 

Necklace: MIWAS / Chloe Necklace #FATPACK

Bodysuit and Jacket: =Zenith= Jackie @Equal10 10th March 

Pose: - Sweet Art -  Runa Bento Poses @Equal10


Backdrop: .PALETO.Backdrop:. New York - @Equal10

Neon Dancers: BackBone Neon Neko Dancers

BackBone Neon Neko Dancers - Yuki (pink)
BackBone Neon Neko Dancers - Yuki (purple)
BackBone Neon Neko Dancers - Tora (blue)

Lanterns: BackBone Cyber Lanterns

BackBone Cyber Lantern 1 - Tall FunnyBone
BackBone Cyber Lantern 1 - Tall White
BackBone Cyber Lantern 1 - Tall Yellow
BackBone Cyber Lantern 1 - Short Blue
BackBone Cyber Lantern 1 - Short Pink
BackBone Cyber Lantern 1 - Short Yellow


sábado, 13 de marzo de 2021

Look #159

Love Correspondence ♥

Skin: #Boataom : Ren Lelutka Applier 'Albina+' 


Blush and envelope: LUMOX - Classmate Romance Set - Pink Bunny Pack (LELUTKA EVO) @SCHOOLDAY EVENT

Hair: DOUX - Rehab hairstyle

Hat and earrings: [MIL*MIL] Gothiic Hat and Earring-Black and Wine Rose

Collar: Insomnia Angel . detachable collar Heart-Cake @SCHOOLDAY EVENT

Dress: Insomnia Angel . Charlotte dress @SCHOOLDAY EVENT

Umbrella: Bat Umbrella - Dark Agony SOON


Backdrop: PITAYA - Magic Practice Skybox BLACK 

Cages: -DRD- Spiritualists Shoppe - Hanging Cages Set

Display: -DRD- Spiritualists Shoppe - Counter

Flyng kays: *SS* Flying Key hook


martes, 9 de marzo de 2021

Look #158

Secret Garden ♥

Skin: #Boataom : Ren Lelutka Applier 'Albina+' 

Hair: Stealthic - Clarity

Necklace: Kibitz - Becca's necklace - gold

Dress: UNA. Aime 

Pose: [InDiGo] Lupa Breathing & Static Stands Set


Backdrop: K&S - // Secret Garden. Backdrop 

Doves: 9 {anc} NO LIMITS.flying doves [caviar-black]

domingo, 7 de marzo de 2021

Look #157

Hard Decision ♥

Skin: #Boataom : Ren Lelutka Applier 'Albina+' 

Tattoo: DAPPA - Harley Tattoo.

Hair: Stealthic - Searching @Access Event

Outfit: Magnoliac - Quin Set

Pose: - Sweet Art - Dami Bento Poses @Vanity Event 


Backdrop: .PALETO.  Backdrop:. Knox-03

Neon signs: BackBone Kitty Neon Signs (January Group Gift)

BackBone  Neon Sign - Good Kitty

BackBone  Neon Sign - Bad Kitty


Look #156

Tennis Open Champion ♥

Skin: more more. jisu skin_milk (Lelutka) @SCHOOLDAY EVENT


Earrings: NINI Planet. Russian Roulette Gacha :: silver earring @SCHOOLDAY EVENT

Top: NINI Planet. Russian Roulette Gacha :: white top Gacha @SCHOOLDAY EVENT

Skirt: NINI Planet. Russian Roulette Gacha :: skirt - pink @SCHOOLDAY EVENT

Racket: EVIE - ActiveBabe - Tennis Racket


Backdrop: ninety - 15 [ backdrop ] 


The Horror!~ Blobbuddies - Kitty @SCHOOLDAY EVENT
The Horror!~ Blobbuddies - Bunny @SCHOOLDAY EVENT

Confetti: Lagom - Poolparty Confetti


martes, 2 de marzo de 2021

Look #155

Pink Butterflys ♥

Skin: #Boataom : Ren Lelutka Applier 'Albina+' 

Eyeshadows: {minuit} Tsubaki Eyeshadow @Okinawa

Hair: [Yomi] Cherry Bomb Gacha // Cherry Bomb Hair RARE @The Arcade

Hair Clips: [Yomi] Cherry Bomb // 8. Barrettes Pink @The Arcade

Choker: [Yomi] Cherry Bomb // 12. Choker Pink @The Arcade

Dress: cheezu. blossom dress @Anthem

Pose with butterflys: - Sweet Art - My Cute Butterfly's Poses @Equal10


tarte. woodland backdrop - (walnut) @N21

Flowers: +Half-Deer+ Flower Confetti [Pink Set]